Investment Plans

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Welcome To Galaxy Typing Jobs Investment Program 

 If any one are interested in our Investment Program than must Read Instructions about this given Below :

What is Investment Program?

Investment Program is actually a Program in  which User have to Invest Amount in our Company and can get Profit Monthly till Specific Time Period . Mean it just like a Bank where you once deposit Payment and Get Profit .Remember if you invest Money in Our Company in any Program than Your Deposit Money is Non-Refundable after Expiry Time. 

Is This a Legal & Trusted Company ?

Galaxy Typing Jobs SMC-Private Limited is Company which is approved by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) . You can also Verify our Company In SECP  by Sending Our  Incorporation ID ( 0124253 )to 8181. Click Here to Get all Documents of Our Company.

Where Your Investment Used?

When Someone Invest in our Company , Company use this amount in Gold & Silver Mining in Different Platform. In the Result of this you get your Monthly Profit till Fix Time Duration.

How to Invest Money?

After Read all info & Verifying our Company If  You are Interested to Invest Money in Our Company than Follow Fowling Steps:

  1. Select Any Program in which you want to invest Money.
  2. Submit Application Form.
  3. After Submitting Application form you will get account Details for Money Transfer via Email & SMS.
  4. Transfer Money in Given Accounts & Share Proof of Transfer on Whatsapp.
  5. Never Transfer Money Without Receiving SMS/Email.
  6. After 3 -5 Hours of Transfer Money You will Get Receive all Documents of Your Investment from our Company via email.
  7. Print out all scan Documents of Investment , sign on Documents & Save as Proof.
  8. You will Get Received Your Monthly Profit at 1 of Each Month in Your Account.


Basic Plan 

In Basic Plan you get Following Profit :


Profit_______5000/PKR Monthly

Time_______1 Year

In Basic Plan you have to invest 30000/PKR once In Our Company and you will get 5000/PKR monthly till next 1 Year. Profit will Transfer in Your Account at 1-Date of Month. 


Normal Plan 

In Normal Plan you get Following Profit :


Profit_______9000/PKR Monthly

Time_______1.5 Years

In Normal Plan you have to invest 50000/PKR once In Our Company and you will get 9000/PKR monthly till next 1.5 Years. Profit will Transfer in Your Account at 1-Date of Month .


Standard Plan

In Standard Plan you get Following Profit :


Profit_______20,000/PKR Monthly

Time_______2 Years

In Standard Plan you have to invest1,00,000/PKR once In Our Company and you will get 20,000/PKR monthly till next 2 Years. Profit will Transfer in Your Account at 1-Date of Month.

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